Emily Hawker

Emily Hawker

I’m a wife & Mum of 2 wee girls. My passion from an early age has been food – everything about it, I paused my culinary apprenticeship when I was 21 to travel the world. In London I landed a job as the Executive Assistant to the Head & Executive Chef at Wembley Stadium – helping write recipes & do food costings, an amazing position that grew my passion for the culinary world even further! When we travel now I’m the 1st one to hunt out a farmers market or deli, I could spend hours walking through supermarkets. I have always felt at home with music on & a recipe book open in front of me.


Moving to a rural town of 400 people in Southland NZ as a corporate working woman my focus for the past 10 years has been on Health & Safety in the workplace. My husband and I run his family Agricultural Contracting business, with 45 staff in the summer, our lives are crazy! We are constantly reviewing our Health & Safety requirements, updating our policies & procedures & making sure our guys are fit, healthy & alert for the demanding schedules of a summer harvest. We work closely with ACC & do everything we can to minimise our levies. HKM has been driven by my passion around health & wellness for all walks of life, to know what’s going on inside of you is such a great starting point for a healthy life – inside and out!

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Tracey Norton

My husband and I live in sunny Nelson; we have three adult children and five grandchildren across Australia and New Zealand. Staying fit and healthy to be able to keep up with them is very important to us both.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 20 years managing accounts and educating medical staff about numerous drug therapies and medical gas applications.

While working in the pharmaceutical industry it has become apparent to me, that we need to take ownership for our own health, wellness and future. The increase of preventable diseases has spurred me on to change my lifestyle and diet. I would love to share my experiences with others.

HKM gives me the opportunity to combine health & wellness with my pharmaceutical background. I love watching clients get healthy from the inside out and understand what’s going on inside their bodies.